Meet Jas Mallinger of Ekho Threads

Meet Jasmine Mallinger affectionately known as Jassy, Jas, Jassy Star.

You will see her most days making them good brews at our our NP showroom
Jas is a pint size creative, balancing full time hours here while building her punchy brand Ekho Threads on the side
Tune in below for an interview with Jas or better yet join us this Friday the 4th to celebrate the launch of her latest collection, drinks will be free flowing and the vibes high.

Ekho threads has been dreamed up out of your love for punk, alt films along with specific actors and musicians. Who introduced you to this world?

The internet, certain family members and friends have definitely helped introduce me to the weird and wonderful world of punk music/culture and alternative film from a pretty young age. My uncle who passed when I was a child was a hardcore punk and we got to keep his skateboard deck with a print of the Ramones on it- that's where it all started for me really. Working in and studying journalism in Canggu, Bali for a month also introduced me to a whole 'nother scene of underground punk. I would mainly have to thank the internet for introducing me to the underground film world- 'Kids' by Larry Clarke and Harmony Korine is one of the first I fell in love with. 

So many brands / ideas are created out of the need to have a creative outlet...Would you consider this is how Ekho threads began? What prompted this?

For sure! I used to sew heaps but gradually got bored with it and started playing around with graphic design instead- it's a super fun escape for me. I've always written a lot of poetry in my spare time and Ekho Threads is a way for me to tie in my love for imagery and design with my words and represents everything that inspires me to create. When I struggle to form my thoughts and ideas into words I play around with images and colours- and I suppose that's what prompted me to put Ekho Threads into action. 

What’s your favourite punk lyric?

There are so many to choose between haha!! I think "Oh when there's no future, how can there be sin? We're the flowers in the dustbin"  from God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols is definitley a favourite. 

What’s your favourite Chloe Sevigny movie scene?

Probably in the film "Boys Don't Cry" when she stands up and sings karaoke in front of a silver sparkly backdrop with two other girls- it sounds pretty awful but she's super serious about it and she looks amazing in her black t-shirt with horses printed on it, long red nails and a crucifix around her neck. 

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Images by Ben Dath, Thomas Smith and Jas Mallinger.