CC Vol 21 - Mikey Mallalieu

This weeks playlist comes accompanied by some hi fi visual stimuli courtesy of our good friend Mikey Mallaieu.
A young Michael Mallalieu cut his teeth surfing the rocky point breaks of the Taranaki. Honing his skill in front and behind an optical zoom video tape recorder but after stamping his authority so hard on the jewel of the Taranaki coastline (Stent Road) he was left with nothing more to prove.
Mikey set off across the ditch on a quest to expand our puny minds through documenting surfing of the highest calibre and bringing it to the screens of surf fanatics across the globe.
Mikey now spends his days posted up in inland Byron Bay farming his hair as well as a few animals, growing organic kale, carving wooden bead bracelets to sell at the Byron markets and filming his friends who just happen to be some of our favourite surfers.
So sit back and enjoy some of our favourite pieces that Mikey has put his creative stamp on. 
If you enjoyed the films, delve into the music that makes Mikey tick, or do your best to track down a cult classic surf film showcasing Mikeys decimation of a right hand point break. Either way, happy Friday!