Alex Knost ~ The Re-Usable Bag ~ Surf Film

7mins 31secs of new Knost Let's go!!!

Can you give us a little more insight into the title of the film?

'The Re-usable Bag' started as the title of a painting, and reached outward towards improvisational ballet and jazz in the mallard of Costa Rica.

You seem to have a pretty eclectic collection of instruments. Any of them a particular favorite?
I am a guitarist. Kassia is seen and heard playing a gong and bowls individually tuned. This soundtrack is a collaboration between her “sound baths” and my curiosity to explore noise, drone, and dissonance on electric guitar.

What was the thought process or inspiration behind the music you made for the film?
Improvisational collaboration alongside the reverberated sounds of the jungle.

Do you see many parallels between surfing and creating music?
In the way that they are rehearsed, but never recreated. Always reactionary and instantaneous, no soundwave the same.

Is there anything going on right now in creative culture that you find interesting or inspiring?
Of course.

Any advice for young or aspiring artists?
Keep going and maybe flip through How to Be an Artist by Jerry Saltz.

Interview via: Vans Off The Wall