Christian Fletcher

Christian Fletcher, the pioneer of aerial surfing has just dropped a new collection with RVCA.
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Bored with surfing at an early age, Christian took moves he found skateboarding to the water, re-defining what was possible on a wave. Christians aerial assault on surfing in the late 80s was radical, progressive and highly controversial.
Initially, the surfing world did not take kindly to the tattooed anti-hero throwing down aerials and getting paid well for it. When he racked up covers in both Surfing and Surfer magazine in 1988, the ASP top 16 wrote and signed a petition demanding such an openly undesirable character as Fletcher not be given the amount of publicity he was getting.
Despite what the industry may have thought at the time, Christians conventional approach to surfing paved the way for modern day performance surfing & provided a new road for professional surfers outside the contest scene.