Get brained with Beach Brains

Beach Brains has just landed on CC.
Get to know Gareth, the lord behind the brand.


Q - So Gareth - Beach Brains maybe the best brand name that ever lived?

A- Man! Names are so hard! I read somewhere that people will remember your brand name if you include alliteration, like Coca-Cola. So I thought that was a must. Hence the two b’s. I also read that swearing or saying off the bat shit releases endorphins and ups serotonin levels so I was heading down that direction as well but thought maybe alliteration would be a safer route. Concrete Cunts could have been my skate brand alternative or a feminist movement, free name if anyone wants to mix alliteration with some spice. Going back to the name Beach Brains though. That stems from the idea of being relaxed, taking a moment, treating your brain to a day at the beach. Of course it has direct relationship to surf culture as they’re the most beached brained people out but really it’s a name for anyone that likes to take a moment and enjoy life. Take your brain to the beach ok! 


Q - The art direction of BB has always caught our eye, tell us about the aesthetic and where you draw inspiration from?


The internet. I love the internet. I spend a stupid amount of time just floating down different paths on the internet. At the moment I’ve been real into the New York Public Library. They’ve been scanning in thousands of books that have outdated their copyrights. Which has built a huge Creative Commons image bank, full of inspiration, amazing gothic fonts, old anatomy illustrations, religious iconography, gothic architecture, expressionist paintings, early photography, so much man. I hunt these image banks out. Gold mines for ideas. A recently found an archive of old Japanese tech magazines, the colours and graphic design are unreal. Also Public Libraries have well organised data bases of local newspapers, so I’ve been digging through newspapers that were based in California during the 60’s-70’s. A lot of good beach vibes.  About a year ago I was obsessed with science fiction illustrations and before that I was into Death Metal album covers so my influence changes a lot collection to collection but I guess my Medium (the internet) stays the same. 



Q- Is this your full time gig, is it the story of a hobby turn pro how did you end up on this path?


It has just become my full time gig. About time as well. 2021 is looking huge for BB.

Originally I wanted to be an artist, making anything visual has always been my joy. Keeps me content. But a while back my sister asked me to design some menswear for her, I ended up enjoying it so much she let me go off on my own and start Beach Brains. I made a lot of mistakes early on that took me back to zero and I had to rebuild multiple times, I did this by selling tees and freelancing. I studied photography and taught myself graphic design so I have been fortunate enough that those skills could carry me through and get me out of debt. It is a story of multiple hobbies that were always fighting for my attention, then when I first started BB I realised fashion was a good place my hobbies could become skills that worked and benefited from each other. Every week there’s a mix of design, photography, videography and art, so I guess I found my place. 


Q - 'Waves Crash my Heart Breaks' something to live by right? So poetic, this phrase we believe you coined has always stuck. Does this reference the torture of being a landlocked surfer?

A- I wished I coined this phrase. It came from a friend, who lives a more poetic beach side life than me. Full surf lord. I secretly love concrete and big cities. But the phrase does get me every time I say it. I think it would have an effect on anyone that has the surf affliction. How many times have you been at work or at an event that you’re obliged to attend and the surf is pumping. All you can think about are those offshore breezes, blue ocean and high lines. Surfing’s a curse man. I’ve checked the online cams like four times while writing this, looks fun, 3ft and offshore with the tide incoming. Damn. Waves crash and my heart definitely breaks. 


Q - Beach Brains is going large in 2021, tell us about the new heat behind the design direction and expanding into new product categories and new markets. Was this always the goal?

A-  This has always been the goal, as much as I love tees they have always been a small part of the image I’ve been carrying in my head. Beach Brains was always aiming for full collections. So it will be a massive success for me to get my first full cut and sew range in stores early next year. I’ve had some close friends come in behind me and give me the advice and encouragement needed to expand into international markets and nail the cut and sew designs. I will be forever thankful to them.  


Q- What's next Brainsy? What are you plans for the immediate future the coming summer in this weird pandemic world...

A- My next plans are to just keep making. I want to be designing for the future but also making for the moment. I never want Beach Brains to be predictable. So I plan to release things constantly, whether that be graphics, artworks, one-off pieces, interviews or accessories. I owe it to the BB family. It is a weird time but there are a lot of good people here doing great things, I plan to connect with them and keep things moving. 


Much love.

Get Brained.