Happiness Comes in Abstraction and Expression

Happiness Comes in Abstraction and Expression.
A review of Harry Edwards’ solo art exhibition ‘Happiness Comes in Waves’
Words: Jasmine Mallinger of Ekho Threads
Photography: Crystal Cylinder


Crystal Cylinder / Bleached is arguably New Plymouth’s most progressive, eclectic and dynamic space- flourishing with the new addition of a gallery/creative space dubbed ‘The Workshop’.
Harry Edwards is a spritely and colourful Berlin based artist currently residing in New Plymouth, who has been the first to work on and host an art exhibition within the walls of the workshop.
His works are predominately large-scale oil paintings which demand attention in an endearing and uplifting manner- just as Harry does when he enters a room, with his energetic and attentive presence.   
The exhibition, ‘Happiness Comes in Waves’, features a burst of carefully curated colour and textural choices to create a harmonious and monumental body of abstract work.
Abstract art is infamous for being closely criticised, judged and torn apart in an attempt for it to be ‘understood’- but with the title of this exhibition explaining the body of work so simply and effectively, it allowed people to internalise and perceive the works how they pleased- without taking Harry’s clear vision and story away from the collection, with its reviving yet slightly melancholic feel.
Harry handled the successful evening with grace, humour and candour, showing his devotion to his craft as he kicked off many events to come within The Workshop.