Home Sweet Home Sick

We hung out with Sian Fenwick of Sweet Home Mag while she bound the pages of Volume 2, her latest print publication in the Sweet Home series. We asked Sian to put together a playlist for CC Radio with everything she's been listening to lately and then we got chatting all about how Sweet Home Mag came to be.

Sweet Home Mag Volume 2 features work by over 20 contributors including our very own Jasmine Malinger and Thomas Smith alongside a bunch of our other friends.

We'll be having a little shindig in the Showroom on Thursday 11th March from 5.30pm to celebrate so come share a drink and grab yourself a copy - but if you're not local, you can grab onright here.


Words - Sian Fenwick  |   Photography - Thomas Smith



Sweet Home came about as I had spent too much time waiting for an accessible creative outlet to pop up that suited a style my friends and I enjoyed. I’m now a big believer in ‘you have to make things happen, they don’t just come to you’.



Volume 1 was a trial and error experiment, it contained photos taken by my friends and was created on coffee, late night conversations and dodgy DIY, photoshop tutorial videos. 



In this volume (2), I was able to call for submissions and get a wider variety of work including more than just photography! It’s a platform and a ‘home’, for anyone who wants to put their work out there and I’m excited to see it grow into whatever it needs to be!