In the studio with August Jane

We're excited to introduce you to our friend Summer of August Jane.

Summer is working on some very special pieces for you that will be landing here soon, in the meantime - we thought we'd get you up to speed on who this lil lady is and how August Jane came to be.

August Jane is the brainchild of Summer Lahti, a Wisconsin gal who made her way to NZ in March last year, conveniently right in time for Jacidna to lock down the borders so like many others, Summer found herself staying - despite only having packed enough things for a week!

Throughout lockdown, Summer spent everyday working to create what would become August Jane, something she had always dreamed of doing while working as a Tailor in New York City, but the fast paced lifestyle never allowed her the time.

The brand was born out of a simple concept, Summer wanted to create playful pieces that would make people feel good while at the same time being conscious of her eco footprint. She practices this by adopting a ‘slow fashion’ model across her processes, hand making every garment to order, a concept that eliminates unnecessary waste and creates a memorable experience for her clients when they receive a completely unique garment.

Being from Wisconsin, Summer for the most part has spent her life living inland missing out on that luxury of being only a stone's throw away from the sea so her move to Taranaki has been a hella good change, biking to her central studio with the sun on her skin and the sea breeze in her hair - She’s living that coastal dream!

“What I appreciate about coastal living is no matter what kind of day I'm having, the ocean always brings me back to centre and makes me grateful for what's in front of me, it's a daily reminder of how beautiful life really is.”

Summer’s put together a playlist of her heavy rotation, so by all means follow the link to tune in and drop out.


Imagery: Thomas Smith