Lex Pott Candles

We are thrilled to be stocking Lex Pott candles, a happy accident by the dutch artist, involving conventional candles and a heatwave. We had the opportunity to chat with Lex about his process, read on below for our exclusive interview.

There has been a huge amount of interest in regards to your twist candles.. when you came up with the concept did you know you were on to something unique and visually pretty special?

Actually last year during the heatwave some candles we designed for HAY called the pillar candles melted. First I was frustrated but after that I was fascinated by the flexible qualities of the wax.
I decided to experiment with bending wax. i took a lot of trial and error. What I also liked was the fact that one candle became two. So one candle has two ends so burning the candle at both ends.
The shape was a research in combining form, function and fun.

Outside of your wax designs you work with wood, stone, metal etc. Which material do you enjoy working with the most?

At this moment I like to work with Wax a lot. I understand the material better and better. Usually when I work with a material it can last for some year to really know everything I can about it.

You mentioned you are heading on vacation? Where to and what will you be doing?

Actually due to corona me and my family decided to go on a holiday on the coast of the Netherlands. So just traveling by car and discovering our own little country instead of travelling half the planet to see something new.
I think its something positive that people discover their own area more.

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