Logging Dos and Don'ts with Matt King

Welcome to a Crystal Cylinder self help segment with our resident Longboard specialist and the original bohemian hodaddy Matt King. Here he takes us through the dos and don'ts.. mostly don'ts? of logging etiquette. So let Matt help you help yourself be a better human being in the water.

- New to this ‘Logging’ buzzzz? Frequently catch rails?? WEAR A LEASH. If it's over waist high and crowded wear two ;)

- If you’re going leash-less. Here’s a thought: In the interest of peoples safety - Learn to hold that thing - Like - Your Life - depends on it. Especially when you’re going over the falls. Don’t think you’re going to make it? Don’t Go! It's that simple. Still can’t hold it? Put dat leash back on.

- Seen how fast my ‘Log’ paddles compared to my Hypto?!?! Noooo shit Alvin. When you’ve worked out it’s not the only thing it can do, and you can tip to tail that thing all clean and proper - then you can paddle over here. Until then... wait your turn. Be great - Don’t Snake :)
- You reckon Bang Bang is RAD, and your ‘Boogie' is legit, yet you’ve never heard of Edwards, Cabell or Nuuhiwa. Know your history.
- There’s a time and place to party. No invite - No Party - No Exceptions.
- If you're gonna dress the part, you better be the part. Unless it's for the gram. Boho Hodad - it’s soooo hot right now... Lifestyle or Die brahs.
- Enjoy.