Observations of a Wallflower

'Observations of a Wallflower'

It's a collaboration baby... And boy o boy we are 2x excited for this one. 

It's no secret we are sah spoilt when it comes to creative friends and cohorts. Cam has been in our orbit since the dawn of CC spending a number of Jaunts to the tropics and part of our wider surf and ray chasing fam. Lucy is very much an integral part of what we do here at CC working closely on curating our women's assortment and the in store experience at our NP showroom. 
Both Cam and Lucy have established creative careers. Cam spends his days producing visual content (imagery & video) for brands and campaigns. Lucy balances motherhood to twin daughters Goldie & Delilah with her CC tings and channels her creative output through Lu Diamond Flowers 
A collaboration had been the talk of many moons and long summer days. When these two locked down studio time we insisted (selfishly and with all of our best intentions in mind) that it must be exhibited within the four walls of 'The Workshop' gallery. So here we are, save the date, book the flight, get your wardrobe in order and let's get groovy.


We hope to see you there to celebrate, so peep all the deets here and tell all your friends.

Friday 28th May | 5.00PM - 8.00PM

Crystal Cylinder Gallery - The Workshop


Scroll on for a picturesque intro to our sun soaked friends x