Scenes from the South


Words & Photography: Finn Geoghegan of Otis Oat Milk
The trip down South, I guess, was the substitute for the Indo boat trip. The rite of passage that wasn't due to Covid. With most of the crew now having groms to chase around, it can be an effort to all align for a long weekend. So all things considered, very lucky to shoot down there together and get fun waves with some cold three stars at the end.


Keone wears the Billabong 4/3 Revoliution CS LC Fullsuit


I look after sales for Otis Oat Milk. We are the typical small team all wearing many hats, as many small & aspirational NZ companies out there are. Working for, and with, people who are so passionate about their mission and goals is a great energy to be a part of, and having the opportunity to connect with the like-minded outside of our immediate team is an amazing benefit of being on the sales side. There are so many interesting and creative things being put out in the F&B space, particularly in the plant-based category, so it's an exciting industry to be in the thick of.

I’ve decided to move to the Mount this year, there's a lot that ties me to the Mount - friends, family, sense of community, surf. Those are innately more important to me than the things city life can offer. While the last 8+ years have seen me in London and Auckland, looking back I've essentially had one foot out the door the whole time. I'm extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work remotely, as that is what has made this possible - a fact that isn't lost on me.
I’m looking forward to having more time.
More time to spend on simple things like being in the ocean, getting a dog and working on my house. At the same time, I'm not one for keeping still, so excited to see what a change in scene might spark and motivate me to do. Watch this space.
I’m the ultimate weekend warrior, so you’ll find me searching for a scrap of swell within a few hours drive. If that's a no go, it'll be a trail run, a few hot brews, a few cold brews, meals with friends. I'll be making sure to enjoy the last slivers of the big smoke by getting across the numerous eateries and gigs before hunkering down for a quiet winter in the BOP.