Words & Photography: Ben D'Ath

When I saw that a box filled with approximately 50 rolls of film somehow managed to survive the fire, I knew I had to use it for something meaningful. Because it was such a shit situation, I wanted to put a creative spin on what happened and create something that would be cool to look back on.

The zine is a unique, intense and personal body of work based on life in the wake of the accident. I’ll be printing 200 copies and all profits will be going towards the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter which has been recently struggling due to the source of cheques fading out.

First 100 copies will come with a 1/1 polaroid related to the event.

Unfortunately its going to be a long road to recovery and a hell of a lot of appointments - burn recovery is pretty much a full time job to take care of everything. It will be at least 2 years before my skin will actually heal so I’ll be spending 23 hours a day for 2 years wearing compression garments which is torture!

I’ve been just trying to take lots of photos when possible and finding interesting people to shoot! Fortunately I have a lot of talented friends that need content. Besides that, playing a lot of golf on Nintendo and watching Seinfeld, New Amsterdam, lots of burns related Youtube & Willem Verbeeck on repeat!

I’ve always ate like shit but since coming out of hospital its just been heavily escalated.. I have literally put on 15kgs in the past few months I guess because my body is in constant recovery mode. Definitely a common thing to be eating at least 3 bowls of Milo cereal at 1am.

While having a bit of extra time on his hands Ben has been no stranger to the Showroom, heres a few of his favourite pieces.

Arthur Apparel


Stepney Workers Club

Lister Canvas Slip-on by Stepney Workers Club + Mellow Slouch Knitt by Thrills

Brad Eltermen

 Dog Dance by Brad Elterman