Josh Keogh Custom Surfboard Orders

We are happy to announce that we are taking a limited number of custom orders
for Australian hand shaper Josh Keogh.


Shaper to some of the worlds best riders of alternative surf craft, including: Dave Rastovich, Ozzie Wright, Harrison Roach, Jason "Salsa" Salisbury and Ari Brown.
Rastovich Josh Keogh Custom

Whether you're looking for a fun board to spice up your summer, passionate about the craft of hand shaping or already tapped into the glorious feelings a twin fin brings to your surfing, then this is your chance to order a craft from one of the best young Australian shapers to ever caress a surfboard blank.
Josh Keogh Custom Twin Fin
Josh Keogh customs
If you're keen to see what Josh can do for you, flick us an email at