Focused Attention - Alex Knost

Alex Knost has built a livelihood and enviable lifestyle on nothing other than the things he loves. Knost's ability to immerse himself across all areas of interest is unparalleled. Whether it be various artistic endeavours; painting, film, photography, fashion, music and his most widely recognised discipline surfing. Introduced to surfing at an early age by his Father, Knost has spent the best part of 15 years exploring 60's and 70's surfboard design (more on this over the coming week, stay tuned). 

We Suggest You Invest 

The Alex Knost 10inch Flex Fin in collaboration with Captain Fin Co is our ‘go to’ log fin of choice. The wide (7.6inch) base provides great stability for maximising time on the nose. The sweeping rake into a slim and flexible tip is not only forgiving but is great for transitioning through smooth direction changes. Made from fibreglass and foiled to perfection these fins perform best in pintail, squaretail and rounded squaretail traditional style longboards. We offer the Knost fin a wide range of ever evolving colours that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functionally superior. Check the below clip of Al making average surf look amazing. Despite Alex’s enviable style & cat like reflex’s, (he is after all one of best to ever do it) the waves in this clip are typical of the types of waves we find ourselves clocking up time on the big boards. It’s a good source of inspiration for board placement, style and flow in relatable conditions plus a great representation of the type of surfing these fins encourage.

Tune in below for 2 hours of music curated by Knost, not to mention some exclusive merch from his Band Tomorrow's Tulips. The Tomorrow's Tulips originally formed as a refuge from Knosts band of the time 'Japanese Motors'  the Tulips sound pays homage to DIY aesthetics of underground, garage rock and psychedelia. You'll feel the influence of these genres across this weeks playlist CC Radio #50 tune in and enjoy.