Plus Size Surfing - Mid Lengths

So yah dig going fast, have you caught that trimming bug?
Welcome to the underappreciated world of mid length surfboards, draw them long lines, hone that style and be the envy of all your friends as they watch your wave count swoll.

The above clip of Beau Cram tuning in a Christenson Long Phish will have you drowning in your own salivation. This makes us really really want to go surfing, on that note we have a 6'8 Long Phish demo on hand, let's make this short and sweet then come grab a demo and tap into the source.

Here's some quick math:  Length, Width, Outline and Rocker these are the fundamental areas of focus when considering the desired characteristics of your new mid length.

Here are some in house parameters regarding the above points:

Length - Keep it 6'6 to 8'4. At the short end of the spectrum the board will feel lively under foot alternatively the further you stretch out the dimms the greater the surface area and increased glide. Bigger boards provide the ability to step and move around the board positioning yourself specific to the wave shape. The flatter you go the more you can expect the board to paddle with ease and track longer straighter lines. We like flat boards with lift in the tail and nose, this promotes tighter turns off the tail while the subtle lift in the nose avoids getting hung up or nose diving on steeper takeoffs.

All of the above works together and against one another and the sea of combinations is endless.

Typically the things we like about mid lengths are the ease of paddle, early entry when catching waves and the ability to move your body weight around and position yourself in the sweet spot. Trimming at high speed and linking waves together in their entirety is highly addictive. Mid Lengths are often wrongly considered as being limited to small waves but truly come into their own once it's 2foot and up. You want a wave face big enough to change direction and fit the board into the curve. They also double as a gun and go really well in the bigger juice, including hollow waves where you can breeze in early from behind the peak.

Anyway that's enough poetry from us... If you have any q's or want to talk it out regarding any of the above we are here for you. Contact us via or better yet come grab a demo and fondle our selection at the showroom.